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I published my first two books ‘A Tea Party for Kenzie and Kenzie’s Field Day Experience’ a few months prior to the pandemic. When the pandemic disrupted the normal school day and students’ ability to learn in a live setting, I was presented with the opportunity to do a virtual reading during a DreamSpire StoryTime Session. I couldn’t contain my excitement! I looked forward to participating in this extraordinary event as helping to shape young minds is a passion of mine. I enjoy creating opportunities for students.  Opportunities that encourage students to express and share ideas, think about why something happened and how it made them feel and develop their imagination. The StoryTime Session was my most prized reading as it was the beginning of my virtual journey to invest in children’s educational development. The end of session activity incited healthy discourse and competition to create the best story the students could imagine. 

Capital Preparatory Magnet School Social Justice Conference 2021

I was honored to receive an invite to read ‘Kenzie’s Field Day Experience’ at the Capital Preparatory Magnet School’s 2021 Virtual Social Justice Conference. This virtual event created as space for young students, educators, community partners, parents, and administrators to share, learn, dream, and envision possibilities for the future. While I played a small role next to the C-Prep Senior Classes presentation of their social justice projects. It was such a delight to present my work. I had the opportunity to help students practice using their imagination and creativity skills, build self-expression and self-confidence and promote inclusivity. All the things that I love to do! My work includes virtual and in person readings and workshops that encourage students explore their thoughts, feelings and express themselves.  

Content Writing

My love for writing and telling stories doesn’t stop at writing creative books for children. I also enjoy custom content writing. I research my business partners to create content that provides information that reflects the company ideals. My work includes product and company descriptions, blogging, social media, creative, and web content, and resumes. I found my passion for writing while working in corporate America. By leveraging my business writing skills, I partner with individuals and companies to produce pieces that increase engagement, drive leads, and expand their digital footprint to increase value. Data-driven insights allow me to deliver messaging that highlights the strength of a brand and create a competitive edge.

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