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Business Writing

Juene’ Consulting’s founder Katonya Hughey is an established content writer who specializes in Creating valuable content to help businesses attract and retain customers, build brand loyalty, and establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. 

Her love of words, creativity, and attention to detail holds her out as a stand-out writer with great skills in editing and storytelling. When Katonya takes on a project, she completely emerges herself in researching the topic, analyzing information—technical and non-technical—to build strong publications, articles and blogs. This includes conducting interviews, reading industry related materials, and analyzing data to glean relevant information.

Simply put, her writing conveys meaningful, helpful, and insightful messages that inspire and move clients to act — that action is the beginning of the sales process. Katonya and her team understand that when done right, content writing converts readers into prospects and prospects into paying customers. So, our goal is to consistently create helpful, engaging content to help increase a business’s bottom line.


The secret to her success is her on call team. She contracts with designers, editors, and marketers to create effective and cohesive marketing materials. Overseeing projects to create written material for various types of digital website content. This includes annual reports, blog posts, eBooks, newsletter content, press releases and everything in between.

Katonya is adaptable and able to write in a variety of tones and styles, depending on the needs of the brand or project.

Here’s how we can assist with growing your business.



Web Content

Let us help turn the words on your website convert each visitor into a lead or a paying customer.

Annual Reports

Inspire investors, shareholders, and stakeholders with transparent engaging content.


Email Copy

We create emails to help build relationships with the customer by addressing your audience’s pain points and connecting to them emotionally. 

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