Welcome to Juene' Consulting: where our books are written with three things in mind; flexible, healthy and open-minded thinking, social and emotional learning and supporting the teacher staff. Our books are designed to teach students to read and think differently. We understand that literacy does not only mean learning to read book with standardized comprehension. It means learning to read and interact with society. 


How we help in literacy development?


  • Develop stories based on everyday experiences that encourage children to connect and see themselves in the story. 

  • Encourage children to explore areas of interest. 

  • Provide lesson plans for whole and small group instruction focusing on specific skills and strategies. 

  • Provide lesson plans with each book that focus on learning targets and objectives to prepare students for the smarter balanced assessment. 


Our realistic fictional, culturally relevant books provide a fun and healthy approach to learning. They are designed to tell a story that highlights diversity while promoting and delivering a positive message. These fun-loving stories are a spring board into insightful discourse that encourage readers to share their own ideas and experiences.